Shipping & Returns



  • Free Shipping on most Machines in Canada
  • MATCH any Advertised Price
  • In House Repairs & Service
  • 1 years Labour Warranty
  • 5 Year Warranty on Parts
  • Free Classes on Machines
  • 90 day warranty on Repairs

This is how we ship out your purchase, also how we calculate your shipping fee.





If I do not like my machine, can I return it?


We do our best to have all the information, such as features and accessories for machines posted on our website and tell you about them in-store.  This is to help you make an educated choice when you purchase the machine of your choosing.  

So any Machine that has been purchased and is returned, is processed as in-store credit.  

You can use this store credit in our store, towards a machine that is a better fit for you.

You can also exchange your machine purchase towards a model of equal or higher value.


What should I expect when I come in for a machine exchange or refund?


_ Promotional or incentive item(s) given at time of purchase, have to also be returned. 

_ Item(s) and packaging condition must be, in new condition.

_ Shipping charges will not be refunded in any form.

_ Valid receipt must be present

_A 5% processing fee is withheld from refunds, to cover the payment provider processing fees and other cost associated with your request.

_ Only Machines purchased and inspected by us, to confirm the condition of the item - at our location of 44 Harvey Street Tillsonburg, Ontario Canada N4G3J8 will be available as an option for Return or Exchange.

_Only Machines purchased in the first 30 days of purchase date, can qualify for this option of Return or Exchange.

_All packaging and boxing must be in perfect condition

  • all accessories, thread, fabric, needles and notions are final sale and DO NOT QUALIFY FOR A REFUND OF ANY FORM


Why do you do it this way, when you do returns or exchanges?


We want everyone to have faith in us, that when they purchase a machine, they will get a new - unopened item that is in new condition.

To fit each customer with a machine that is a good fit and of quality is also friendly on the environment. 

These machines have been made with quality and come with amazing warranty, so they can be serviced or repaired to keep the owner creating for years.





What kind of Warranty do the machines come with?


Each machine has a manufacture warranty that is assigned to the buyer of the machine.

The warranty will vary by machine model and we have that information posted on the machine(s) website page or you can go to Baby Lock website for all the details.


I placed an order and I have not gotten an update or tracking number?


We get regular shipments in of all the BABY LOCK & JUKI Machines and Kimberbell Items.

If we run out of inventory, your order will be filled when more inventory arrives.


  • We Will Do Everything We Can To Get Your Order Filled Quickly.
  • We do ask that you give us 11 Business Days to get your machine order filled and your patience will be appreciated


  • If a machine goes on back order you will be notified of an expected arrival date or you may choose a Refund through the same payment provider used.


  • Kimberbell Item(s), if we cannot fill your order within 11 business days from Order date, the item holding back the shipment will be refunded and the remaining items shipped.


  • Business days are counted as MONDAY-TUESDAY-WEDNESDAY-THURSDAY-FRIDAY.  
  • The weekend and holidays are not counted as shipping and delivery are not available.


I ordered a big machine and I do not see a shipping fee?


When you purchase a large machine(s) that is packaged in a large box or multiple boxes, you are contacted to arrange the shipping of these machine(s) as the cost can vary by a large margin depending on destination.


  • The machine(s) that will require this, will have it posted on the purchase page, so you know what to expect.
  • If you are unsure just give us a call and we can go over it with you, so you can be confident in your purchase.

-   We will expect you to pay for the shipping separate from your purchase. 

  • The amount due will be the amount charged by your shipping company of choice.


I only want a small piece of fabric and believe it should be cheaper to have it shipped than the flat rate posted?


  • If you do have this happen, just write your request to have it letter shipped in the comments and we will do that for you.
  • 2 things may happen in this situation, you may choose which one you prefer.


1)  Have the left over funds from the shipping charged, be refunded as store credit for you to use in a future purchase.

2)  Choose in-store pick-up and we will invoice you for the package plus shipping and pay by e-transfer to for the shipping. 

Your item(s) will not ship until payment has been received.


I purchased a machine and it is not working right?


If this happens, please bring it in and we will book it into the service department.

In the service department it will get looked at or repaired by the technician, that has been trained by Baby Lock to meet their standard of performance and quality service.


If you have registered your warranty on the website and it recorded as such in the records, your warranty will be honoured.


If you are still in your 1 year labor warranty coverage - no fee for the technician will be charged

If the adjustment / part is covered by your warranty - no cost for parts will be invoiced.


If you are past your 1 year purchase date, a technician time charge will be added to your invoice.

If you are past your model’s manufacture warranty coverage, any parts or service will be added to your invoice.


Please give us a call or visit if you are unsure about your machines warranty or coverage.


We do not do any work or put parts in your machine unless you give permission either by conversation or email or text.



If I am not happy with your technician(s) work and would like another dealer do the service, can I do that?


It is our goal to give you the best service possible and to treat you with sincere respect. 

We want you to have the information and confidence that we are here to help you anyway we can.


Yes, all Baby Lock dealers will honour your warranty, no matter which Baby Lock Retailer you choose for your purchase or service department work order.


If a machine comes in with repeat issues, usually we recommend that you have it shipped to Baby Locks Head Service Department, too do the work of inspection and repair if needed.


-When and if you choose this option you should know

  1. You are going to have to package the machine up in a box and bring it to our location.
  2. You are going to have to pay for the shipping to the location of Baby Locks Head Service Department.
  3. You are going to have to pay the invoice issued from that work order.
  4. You are gong to have to pay the shipping back to our location.
  5. Then you will pick your machine up in-store and the amount listed above will be due before you take your machine home.